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请订正你的Edmodo的第一个小考。 1. Copy the question first 2. Translate the question 3. Provide the correct answer 例子: new doc 2_1



















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Quarter 3 Week 3 and 4 (Gr 5)

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For this two weeks, we worked on speaking and pronouncing colors and animals.

1. videos about stroke orders for some characters

2. videos about Chinese Zodiac

3. worksheets that you can complete during the class or at home

4. playing games with colors and numbers

5. speaking the sequence of animals

6. played a Zondle game together

Please memorize the colors we have covered and the animal names. For reviewing, play Zondle games. Remember to log in with your account so we can keep a track of your game scores!

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Quarter 3 Week 4 (Gr 6)

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This week in Mandarin Class:

1. Finishing your conversation in GoAnimate

2. Review and familiarize vocabulary and expressions

3. Complete quiz or work assigned on Edmodo

4. Hand in your paper assignment. Note that the instruction is completing one page a day, noting the date on upper right corner. Every class, bring in your work along with questions you have so we could go over it before submission.

Play this Zondle game for a fun review. Please log into your Zondle account so your score will be recorded. If you have difficulties using or logging into Zondle, send me an email.

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Sometimes I eat lunch in the school canteen; sometimes I eat lunch in the Middle School courtyard. I like courtyard when the weather is nice. Sometimes the courtyard gets too busy. I usually go to the library after lunch. Sometimes, the library plays a movie.



Usually, lunch time at school is from 12:40 to 1:20. However, on Wednesdays, it is from 11:00 to 11:40. After lunch, I have advisory. Before lunch, I have Mandarin class. Yesterday, my Mandarin classmate and I went to lunch together. We did homework together. I had Japanese food, and he had Italian food. I had some green tea, and he had some coke. We bought the food together. After we ate lunch, we went to the library to read and made Mandarin conversations. There are many books in the library but very few are Mandarin books. We went to the classroom after lunch.




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Quarter 3 Week 3 (Gr 6)

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This week:

We will introduce more vocabulary and expressions. Please note that the class notes must be completed during class time. In case of unplanned absence, please come to tutorial to make up for your notes.

Prepare a script on GoogleDoc about buying clothes. Please use as many vocabulary as possible. Remember to share the document with me for editing.

Once you finished preparing the script, please go to: Create a free account with your school ID. Put your scripted conversation in your animation.

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  1. 先找五道菜
  2. 再找五道前菜
  3. 然后找五道主菜
  4. 最后找甜点和饮料

GoogleDoc 有每个同学的进度。


TED Talk about language


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Quarter 3 Week 2 (Gr 6)

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YouTube Preview Image

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Quarter 3 Week 1 and 2 (Gr 5)

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Welcome back!!! Take a look at this animation. Make note of the animals. How many do you see?


YouTube Preview Image


There is a two-page homework this week. You will get a copy in class. If you need extra copies, please check your Google Drive.

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Quarter 3 Week 1 (Gr 6)

January 9th, 2015 No comments

1. Please view this video and answer the following questions:

How quickly is the world losing a language?

What is the significance of losing a language?

Why is it important to have different languages?

Do you agree with the other video with the message that the world might need to have a unified language?

Watch the other video again and prepare a summary about what Mr Mark Pagel presented.


2. Please open this slideshow and copy the vocabulary into your notebook. Organize words you don’t know into your vocabulary table.

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