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Unit II-Performance Task: Part 2

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This is a sample of the slideshow presented during class 1213-A-Q2-LIN-Stephanie-Blog.





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Performance Task II

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Christmas is approaching; many stores are on sale. Each student will go to a store to buy at least five items, e.g. clothes, accessories, gifts, specialty foods, etc.

This is a group task. Each group–consists of three to four members–will write a script for submission at the end of the performance task period.


December 5, 2012


Method and Schedule

  • Students are assigned to a group (2 minutes)
  • Brainstorm on the topic (13 minutes in classroom or library)
  • Draft the conversation in Chinese, hand it in for grade (20 minutes in classroom)
  • Oral practice (15 minutes in classroom or other places)
  • Perform in class your group conversation (20 minutes)



  1. Price inquiry with proper measure words
  2. Bargaining
  3. Ask questions or make comments on the items, e.g. size, color,  fit, preference, etc
  4. The quantity of each item to buy with proper measure words
  5. Descript the item purchased with appropriate adjectives
  6. Payment methods

Props are necessary so please bring in clothes or accessory items on the date of performance task.

Pleaes note that you will be submitting a group copy of your script on spot and therefore please bring some character sheets.

Grading Criteria

Group Script (10 points)

  • Accuracy of characters
  • Sentence structure
  • Relevance and focus
  • Meaningful sentences and conversations
  • Use of vocabulary covered in class
  • Use of previously learned words
  • Coverage of required information as set out above
  • Use of measure word, adjectives, verbs and time or frequency words

Performance (10 points)


  • Tones
  • Appropriate stops
  • Flow of conversation
  • Confirmation of understanding



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YouTube Preview Image


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What does this mean?

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Please prepare a conversation with your assigned group members. The specifics are as follows.

  1. 50行
  2. 问候语不算
  3. 买和卖
  4. 讨价还价
  5. 折扣/打几折
  6. 试一试
  7. 比较/A 比 B…
  8. 要买/不要买
  9. 要有20个生词
  10. 现金/信用卡/支票
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Performance Task II

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Unit 2 is about your family. Use the sentences, vocabulary and expressions you have learned previously, and add information covered in this unit to introduce your family members: your father, mother and siblings. Some new words and expressions will be covered during class to help you prepare for this presentation. This is an individual project.

The structure of your PowerPoint presentation

  • 1 page overview
  • 1 page for each family member
  • 1 page for yourself
  • 1 page conclusion

The content for each family member must include, but is not limited to:

  1. name
  2. age
  3. birth date
  4. nationality
  5. telephone number
  6. what this person likes
  7. physical descriptions (e.g. hair color, eye color, height, etc).



The presentation is prepared through Google Docs Presentation. Use the naming convention for your file: 1213-G6-LAST NAME-First Name. Please also check whether your file has been placed in the correct folder.

Share this file with the teacher at:, and choose “Can Edit” for access and editorial help.

Assessment Criteria

Skill development: organization and attentiveness during lab time, understanding of content

Presentation: pronunciation, fluency, tones, presentation skills

Slideshow: accuracy of characters, word orders and grammar, particularly use of proper measure words and adjectives

Important Dates

Due Date for slideshow: November 23, 2012

Presentation: November 29, 2012

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