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Performance Task 2

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Please check your notebook to ensure you have all the following information.

Unit 2 is about your family. Use the sentences, vocabulary and expressions you have learned from Unit 1 to introduce your family members: your father, mother and siblings. Some new words and expressions will be covered during class to help you prepare for this presentation. This is an individual project.

The structure of your PowerPoint presentation

  • 1 page overview
  • 1 page for each family member
  • 1 page for yourself
  • 1 page conclusion

The content for each family member must include, but is not limited to: name, age, birth date, nationality, telephone number and what this person likes.


The presentation is prepared through Google Docs Presentation. Use the naming convention for your file: 1213-G5E-LAST NAME-First Name (for E block), 1213-G5D-LAST NAME-First Name (for D block).

Share this file with the teacher at:, and choose “Can Edit” for access and editorial help.

Assessment Criteria

Skill development: organization and attentiveness during lab time, understanding and clarifying questions and comments

Presentation: pronunciation, fluency, tones, presentation skills

Slideshow: accuracy of characters, word orders and grammar, particularly use of proper measure words



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Typing Practice

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Class Notes

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歌词 – 無賴正義

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This it the lyric for the opening theme song for 痞子英雄. Please read it as an exercise. We will learn to sing it in class.

以下是“痞子英雄” 的主题曲。请同学回家阅读,上课的时候我们可以一起学唱。

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Class Information

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Unit 2: Performance Task 1

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There are two performance tasks for this unit. The first performance task will be on 二零一二年十月二十五日.

Please observe the following steps:

1. Create a PowerPoint presentation with the following naming convention:

1213-A-Q2-LAST NAME-First name.ppt

2. Place this file in the Chinese folder if you have created one and share this file through GoogleDoc with your teacher at The creation and sharing of file is due on 十月十二日. The file may be empty with no content at this stage.

3. The structure of the presentation is as follows:

  • An overview slide containing a short paragraph about your family
  • One slide for each family member
  • A final slide as a conclusion

4. Content of the slides:

  • 生日
  • 电话号码
  • 职业
  • 年纪
  • 年级
  • 姓名
  • 学校

Please note that the above-listed contents are for reference. You are encouraged to include as much information as you find available.

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Class Notes

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Please copy this in your notebook.

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Unit 2

October 5th, 2012 No comments

In Unit 1, we reviewed numbers and personal information, i.e. date, telephone number, age, countries and continents visited, and languages you speak. In Unit 2, we will build on these vocabulary and expand the discussion to family members.

At the beginning, we will look at vocabulary and sentence structures. Please come to class with your supply.

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